Maison Paricuta is a fashion company Founded January 2019 in Mexico City.
    It's vision statement is to transform traditional craftsmanship into modern luxury pieces.
    We strive to create unique garments and to impulse people to be and dress boldy.
    We work with Mexican artisanals giving them an opportunity to explore their creativity as we help the communitys.
    We believe in authenticity, creativity, light and connection with yourself and others.
    Get your hats on!
    Be Paricuta, Be You


    Founder & CEO

    Alexia is in charge of creating original designs and running the team.
    She loves originality in people and clothing. One of her biggest passions is learning about the universe, vibrations, the moon and crystals.
    Alexia aligns the company movements, believes, and actions with her own. A quote she lives by is “Live righteously and love everyone, you will build up around you an aura of light and love”

    Head of Sales and Public Relations 

    Almudena is a key element to our team. She is a creative thinker and hardworker.She helps see through every area of the company and does it with a smile.Almudena believes in two things: Enjoy the present and take advantage of opportunities. A quote she lives by is : "Gratefulness brings happiness"